Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy (MIMS®) is a Stent-less, Simple and Innovative procedure for Glaucoma treatment, designed to effectively lower the IOP.


MIMS® Story

Dr Douglas Argyll Robertson5 (1837-1909) was a Scottish Ophthalmologist and surgeon. Dr Robertson was the first to publish a description including post-op results following the use of a trephine in the surgical treatment of glaucoma in late 19th century. This would create a small hole in the sclera (anterior sclerotomy) that would drain aqueous Humor to lower IOP.

At the turn of the 20th Century, Dr Robert Henry Elliot6 (1865 – 1936) whom was a British ophthalmic surgeon and also an expert on snake venom published his work on Sclero-corneal trephining in the operative treatment of glaucoma

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A Minimally invasive & Stent-less Treatment Glaucoma Innovation

At the forefront of Interventional Glaucoma treatment, MIMS® creates a direct pathway from the anterior chamber to the sub-conjunctival space during the surgery, without implanting a stent.

How MIMS® Works

It works by inserting a specially designed cutting tool into the sclera & removing a small channel of tissue. This channel will remain open & continuously drained, designed to effectively lower the IOP.

A Ready-to-Use Surgical System

MIMS® is a lightweight surgical system intended for use by trained professional ophthalmologists. It’s intuitive to operate and requires fewer staff to assist in non-surgical environments. A central control touchscreen demonstrates the surgical parameters & a foot pedal initiates the precise handheld cutting tool movement.

Precision Glaucoma Treatment Technology

Novel Glaucoma treatment practiced globally. Learn more about MIMS® surgical device innovation.

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Proven Clinical Performance


Medication reduction from baseline after 1 year1


IOP reduction from baseline after 1 and 3 years1-4


Medication reduction from baseline after 3 years2-4

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Courtesy of Chrys Dimitriou, Colchester Eye Centre, Essex, UK
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